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C7 LED Bulbs

By using our C7 LED light bulbs there will be no more replacing bulbs year after year. Trade out your traditional incandescent C7 bulbs with our long-lasting, 50,000-hour, energy efficient LED C7 retrofit bulbs . These bulbs are made of durable, multi-faceted plastic so they won't fade, chip, or break and will also dazzle with richer more sparkly hues. Each bulb uses 3 super-bright micro LED's to create a brilliant color. Did you know that a 25-bulb strand of incandescent C7 lights uses five times more energy than the same 25-bulb stringer of LED's? If you strive to be "greener" this Christmas, enjoy a more brilliant lighting display. Shop our extensive collection of retro fit C7 LED bulbs in single-color and multicolor packs of 25 bulbs while you contemplate the color scheme you most desire for your interior or exterior lighting display. These bulbs will screw into our C7 StringersHeavy Duty Candelabra (e12) Stringers, or Vintage e12 Twisted Wire Strings with Bakelight Sockets 

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