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G50 Globe Light Bulbs & Sets

Try a fun, festive look with our cheery, globe-shaped G50 patio lights, sold as replacement bulbs or complete sets of bulbs and stringer wire. Globe G50 bulbs are sold in LED and incandescent as well as single-color or  multi-color 25-pack sets, so that you can personalize the color pattern that you desire. Also available are g50 string light sets with commercial grade outdoor-rated light strings. The large G50, 7-watt/130V bulb measures 2-7/8" tall and 2.0" and will fit a C9/E17 intermediate base. Replace the old retro fit incandescent bulbs in your light lines with these dazzling round lights and enjoy the radiant glow!

  • General Mounting Tips: It is best to install the string without the bulbs in the socket to lessen breakage. A guide wire is recommended to reduce stress of the string and provide a clean professional look. Make sure and screw in the bulbs squarely in order to make sure that no moisture can jeoparize the functionality of the string. Other than that ENJOY our radiant and eye catching outdoor string light set!