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Vintage Christmas Lights

Out with the new, in with the old! At Novelty Lights, we can help you create a Vintage look for your Christmas light display. Our ceramic C7 and ceramic C9 bulbs will bring you back to your childhood. Or, if you want LED lights but with a traditional look, check out our smooth glass LED C9 bulbs

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Our Jumbo C7 Multi Color Light set is perfect for giving any sideway or driveway a classic lighted appeal during the holiday season.  These jumbo light sets are made with an incandescent C7 candelabra base bulb inside of the oversized retro fit bulb cover made to resemble your favorite old fashioned Christmas light bulbs.  Each Jumbo set comes with four multi colored covers with each being 12” tall by 5” wide and spaced 15” apart for a total length of 8’. Four 10” light stakes are included with each set for securing firming into the ground.  Each set is connectable end to end and made for indoor and outdoor use, UL listed.

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